Bringing the Central Valley together to end human trafficking in our communities- Feb. 19-26, 2012

Get Involved: AFTER Freedom WEEK

The goal of Freedom Week is to provide you with a greater understanding of the issue of human trafficking in our community- both the tragedy and the hope.  We have compiled a Resource booklet to help  connect you to those providing help to victims of human trafficking in our community.

May it help you begin to develop your own response, and in turn, enthuse your local community to get involved in helping free the captives and create a “slave free” world. Click on the image below to view and download

Go Forward Resource Booklet

Get Involved: For  CHURCHES
1. Focus several weeks on learning and being equipped regarding human trafficking. Use the Freedom Week booklet for help
Examples for churches:
-Do a Bible study. We have links to guides and plan to develop a Central Valley oriented Bible study in early 2012.
-Read “In Our Backyard: A Christian Perspective on Human Trafficking in the United States,” by Nita Belles, an excellent, engaging, and relatively short book addressed to Christian in the U.S. It also has questions at the end of each chapter for group discussion or individual reflection.
Other resources and guides are listed on CVJC’s website.

2. Host a movie screening.
Now that you have learned, help raise awareness in your community. Youth With A Mission students have also helped in a documentary called Sex+Money: A National Search For Human Worth. ( )
Another film: Not My Life

3. Host a training.
CVJC and Faith.Hope.Love can send leaders to do a training that includes a biblical perspective on our call to address human trafficking, facts about human trafficking in our region, how to identify a possible human trafficking victim/ situation, and what to do when one suspects a possible human trafficking situation, as well as other ways to get involved. Training content can be tailored to the group, including secular or other faith groups. Perhaps host a training for professionals we need to train, such as health service providers.

4. Host a prayer gathering.
We have our own prayer guide, as well as links to prayer guides on our website.

5. Your church or group can participate in supporting one of the ministries/projects
For example:
-Pink Pack Project- assemble backpacks with essential items to be given to rescued human trafficking survivors in our area.
-Safe Houses- Sign-up volunteers to provide emergency housing for a rescued survivors. (CVJC conducts a thorough evaluation prior to adding volunteers to the list and during placement to ensure the safety of the hosts and victim.)
-Get involved in one of our partner ministries/organizations like Beauty for Ashes, Faith.Hope.Love, To Know Him Ministries, EOC Sanctuary, Mennonite Central Committee, etc.

6. Consider raising support/ providing ongoing support for one of the ministries


2 thoughts on “Get Involved: AFTER Freedom WEEK

  1. Jack Davis on said:

    I want to help end this blight on humanity, but I’m an atheist. Are there any non-religion-related things I can do for the victims.

    • Jack, Thanks for you question! There are MANY ways to get involved for everyone and we want to equip all people in the community according to where they can best plug in. You can help bring awareness, get your community trained, put up posters and awareness material, get involve in policy change/advocacy, go “slave free” in your consumer choices and tell your favorite companies to be slave free, support survivors, etc.
      In the Fresno area, there are a number of non-religious organizations, like Central Valley Against Human Trafficking and the Central Valley Freedom Coalition, EOC Sanctuary, Westside Family Services, etc (see our organization list)
      You can call Brandi (me) at CVJC at 725-1685 and I can consult you on how to plug in based on your interests, strengths, occupation, etc. Check out CVJC’s list “36 Ways to respond”( for details on some of these. As a faith-based group, we include action points for those in the church, but I encourage you to look at the whole list, as most are actions for everyone.

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